Keeping Active Is Important

Studies have shown a direct correlation between the amount of activity, and the quality and longevity of life. For those who suffer from memory loss and confusion, activity can help reduce anxiety and maintain higher levels of functioning.

We encourage our residents to be as active as they can be. Our activity program is designed with choice, ability and enjoyment in mind. We understand that some of our residents are more adventurous, so we take them out and explore. Others we know would rather keep busy where they feel most comfortable, so we offer plenty to do at Le Bleu Chateau. For those residents who happen to have limitations and special needs, we tailor many of our activities to allow them to join in.

We also realize that some people may choose to be left alone, especially new residents. So we are patient and let them adjust at their own pace. Usually, as their comfort level grows, so does their level of involvement.


Get Some Exercise

We offer low impact sessions that include stretching. In addition, we encourage our residents to walk indoors and outside because of the physical and social benefits. For those who cannot get around on their own, we provide wheelchair walks. These jaunts are energizing and keep our residents aware of what is going on in their neighborhood.

  • Exercise & Stretching
  • Tai Chi
  • Walking & Wheelchair Walks


Enjoy Outings & Special Events

Every month there are holidays and special occasions to celebrate. There are also dining, shopping and movie excursions. In addition, we make up good reasons to get together with family and friends.

  • Brunches (Winter Events)
  • Barbecues (Summer Events)
  • Restaurant Lunches (Tuesday)
  • Scenic Outings (Thursday)
  • Shopping Trips
  • Holiday Celebrations & Birthday Parties
  • Family & Friends Gatherings
  • Movies at AMC Glendale
  • Pool Tournaments (Women & Men)

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